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Team Page

Every member of our team has personal experience dealing with career and organizational change.

We use that experience to help identify, plan and implement solutions while guiding our clients through the process of change. We are also trained and certified according to industry best practices.

Meet our team.

Operations Challenges

Stephen Doiron is founder and President of Change Management Professionals Inc. (CMP).

Stephen has 20+ years of coaching and consulting experience, including 14 years coaching, consulting and change management leadership in senior operations management roles with RBC’s Atlantic Region. His responsibilities provided exposure to several unique work environments and critical involvement in a variety of broad based national strategic and organizational change initiatives.

Stephen has extensive training and experience in Performance Management Coaching, Change Leadership Consulting, Business Process Improvement, Strategic Planning, People Management, Negotiations and Sales Management.

As President of Change Management Professionals since 2000, Stephen has provided individual coaching and support to business owners, organizations and their leadership teams in many industry sectors. In addition, he has successfully coached over 350 individuals from a variety of industry sectors on all aspects of career transition.

Operations Challenges

Donna joined Change Management Professionals by way of a career path defined by change, a journey that has provided experience in both public and private sector service. A key focus of Donna’s endeavors throughout her career has been to move individuals and businesses forward to new and sometimes unfamiliar territory. The challenge of building and strengthening individual and team capacity for achievement and success has been a driving force in her efforts.

Ian MacFadden
Ian MacFadden

Ian MacFadden is a seasoned business professional with over 35 years of diverse experience in the public and private sectors including commercial financing, management consulting and economic development, as well as several years in the private education field.

The common theme in Ian’s professional life has been the commitment and capacity to help entrepreneurs achieve profitable growth through the sharing of knowledge and expertise. Relationships built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect ensures client needs are properly assessed and expectations delivered.