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Hiring for Fit

Operations Challenges

Have you ever experienced hiring someone who didn’t work out even though you followed a similar process to the one that had previously resulted in a great hire?

The problem of a bad hire is faced by many organizations and it’s not a reflection on the hiring manager.

It is not an easy task to determine whether people applying for jobs in your organization will have what’s needed for success. Education, experience and credentials do not guarantee that an individual will “fit” with the job, the environment or the manager in your organization. Past success seldom transfers automatically from one work environment to another.

The traditional hiring process most often consists of resume, interview and reference checks. While each of these elements has its value in the hiring decision, there is a critical missing link. That link is “fit” – fit with the job and fit with your organizational environment.

The good news is: FIT can be measured!

At Change Management Professionals, we work with organizations to:

  • identify the thinking style and key behavioral characteristics for both the job and the work environment that are critical for success in your organization
  • scientifically assess applicants for “fit” based on these critical behavioral characteristics and thinking style

CMP’s assessment process can help your organization to “know” your candidate: how they will approach their work, how they will interact with co-workers, managers, customers – before you invest your valuable time in an interview.

Measuring for “fit” ensures that the hiring organization has critical information on key characteristics for success by providing an objective look at the behaviors and motives of job candidates to help make better hiring decisions.

Hiring new employees can be a time consuming and challenging task. Our hiring/assessment process will help you better screen applicants and identify the best candidates for your available positions.

The result: You will make better hiring decisions and avoid choosing new hires who won’t be a good fit. Call us. (902) 463-6577