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Hire & Get Hired for Fit

Businesses and individuals most often want the same outcome when it comes to hiring. They both want to make the right choice – they each want the person and position to FIT.

Neither side of that coin has it easy.

From a business perspective, it’s not an easy task to determine whether people applying for jobs in your organization will have what’s needed for success. Education, experience and credentials do not guarantee that an individual will “fit” with the job, the environment or the manager in your organization. Past success seldom transfers automatically from one work environment to another.

Operations Challenges

On the flip side of the coin, what about the people who are just planning their careers—their first or their second? In this ever-changing economy, it is getting increasingly difficult to find (and keep) exciting, well-paying jobs. If you are a student, how can you know which courses of study will propel you into a career that will challenge and fulfill you? If you are in the workforce looking for a change, how can you decide which careers suit you?

On the business side of the coin, Change Management Professionals can show you that FIT can be measured.

For individuals in the workforce, our Career Futures service will provide you with an overview of your unique strengths, talents, abilities to assist you in selecting a career path that matches your thinking style, personality traits and interests.