Common Change Mistake #2 – Organizations Don’t Engage and Prepare Employees for the Change Soon Enough.

Change Mistake #2

The planning stage is often focused on the change itself (the new system, a new organization structure, the new processes, etc.) with little or no attention on the people who will be impacted by it.

It’s been our experience that eventually, word gets out about the change that is coming. In the absence of information, people naturally fill the void with their own sense of what the change means – and this is usually not positive.

This is often how and when the seeds of resistance are planted and take hold.

To avoid this situation, the best strategy is to engage employees and other stakeholders early in the process – at the planning stage. We can help you to identify potential risks and determine your strategy for addressing them.  The planning stage is also a good time to explain to all why the change is happening.

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