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Process Challenges

The internal processes of any organization which define what and how work gets done are critical for efficiency, service, cost management and sustainability. In a rapidly changing and highly competitive work environment where all organizations strive to deliver more value, existing “work processes” can become ineffective over time and can get in the way of growth and success. When this occurs, a range of issues can arise such as: lost revenue to competitors, service delays, added costs and/or missed opportunities. Change becomes necessary to solve an issue or to seize an opportunity.

Operations Challenges

When changes are necessary to key work processes – to what and how things will be done – this is a challenge that often requires an expert hand.

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An area of the operation is not efficient, poorly organized, causing delays, costs and frustration among employees:

  • Are customer orders not completed or delivered on time?
  • Are customers complaining about service levels?
  • Is unprecedented growth creating concerns for how work is getting done?
  • Is poor communication across departments causing delays in decision making and concern among managers and employees?
  • Are managers and employees struggling to adapt to a new IT system and the new way of doing things?
  • Are you planning to introduce a new IT system and worried about how employees will handle it and how business will be affected?