Common Change Mistake #3 – Not Enough Attention Is Given to How Change Impacts Work Processes


Not enough attention is given to how change impacts current work processes of various employee groups.

Often communication with employees and other stakeholders is focused predominantly on the change itself – how it works – and less emphasis is placed on its impact on work groups.
This approach (or lack of approach) often creates resistance to change among staff members especially when answers to questions are not clear or it seems the questions were not even considered.

A better method is for leaders to first identify some of the key elements around “What is Changing & What is Not Changing” for each affected work group and communicate these with them.

This will serve as the basis for proactively engaging employees. By encouraging their input and questions, we have found that not only does the interaction itself mitigate resistance to change, it also often aides in work groups identifying and rectifying unforeseen issues.

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