Donna MacDonell-Doiron – Change Management Professionals Inc.

Donna MacDonell-Doiron

Director Client Services

Donna joined Change Management Professionals by way of a career path defined by change, a journey that has provided experience in both public and private sector service.

A key focus of Donna’s endeavors throughout her career has been to move individuals and businesses forward to new and sometimes unfamiliar territory. The challenge of building and strengthening individual and team capacity for achievement and success has been a driving force in her efforts.

Donna worked in Municipal Government where she developed the framework for delivery of Recreation and Continuing Education programs and services in a large rural municipality. Creativity was a prerequisite to success in an environment of limited resources. Also, while working in the public sector she liaised with and supported not-for-profit community groups in their projects and endeavors.

She led and coached teams of client service providers to effectively increase productivity and attain goals in a high demand, fast-paced call center environment. As a licensed Realtor, Donna was “on the ground level” in promoting and growing a new and innovative flat fee approach to delivering full-service real estate services in Halifax, Nova Scotia, offering commission rates that were previously unheard of in the local real estate market.

Since joining Change Management, Donna has worked with individuals and businesses to transition through significant change in their work worlds. She has guided and supported individuals to navigate the course of career change and exploration of careers choices. Donna has worked with business of all sizes, including not-for-profit, to identify and hire candidates who are a right fit for the position, the organizational environment, and the manager.

Her work in culture change since 2009 is a true passion of Donna’s, and an area in which she considers herself to be privileged to be engaged. In the field of Long Term Care, as a certified Eden Associate, she has coached, mentored and trained leaders and employees who are journeying on the path to creating homelike environments and a “life worth living” for all who live and work in LTC homes. Donna has also developed a self-directed learning manual for the 10 Principles of the Eden Alternative.